Product description
Commissioning your scooter
1. Carefully unpack your scooter and remove any packaging material attached to the scooter.
2. Install the front wheel in the folded state. Mount the wheel with the spacers and the axle with the supplied tool. (see picture 1- 4)
3. To unfold the scooter, push the locking lever down with one hand while gently pulling up on the handlebar with the other
MAKE SURE that your head is not in the area of unfolding parts! (see picture 5)
4. Place the handlebar completely vertically until it clicks into place.
5. Now put the handlebars on the pole, align them straight and tighten the screws with a tool.
Pay attention to correct installation - the throttle must be in the direction of travel on the right side. (see picture 6)
6. Check the brake levers for tightness - if they are loose, tighten them also in a position suitable for you. Do not pull, bend or twist the brake cables.
7. Place the supplied battery pack in the cavity under the footboard and connect it to the power supply.
Please note: If you have a version with a lead-acid battery, please first insert the included flat fuse into the holder on the red cable.
8. Insert the seat post into the receptacle on the rear end of the plate. Insert the saddle clamp onto the upper end, push the
telescopic post in the correct position and close the clamp. (see picture 7)
9. Attach the saddle to the adjustable seat post and tighten the saddle screws with the supplied tool. (see picture 8)
10. Mount the headlight (only for EEC models) (see picture 9 + 10)
11. Install the license plate bracket (only for EEC models) (see picture 11)
12. Mount the mirrors to the intended position on the handlebar with a rotating thread. (only for EEC models)
13. Make sure all screws on the scooter are tight.
14. Fully charge your scooter.
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