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One, joining conditions
1, identity Okey's corporate culture and business philosophy, keen to Okey brand career development.
2, with a certain brand philosophy, hasrich experience in market operation.
3, there is a certain degree of financial strength, business reputation and business qualities.
4, a brand management philosophy and a strongsense of professionalism.
5, self-serving local busy commercial section of the store, an area of ​​20 square meters or more. Second, joining Advantage
In co-operation agreement signed Monopoly, depending on the period, the company will provide the following services, allows you to easily step Ruou Kai Monopoly camp.
1, the new product, a broad and empty market, a single high-margin products.
2, a national holiday promotions and novel promotional gifts, free offers unified advertising and some display props.
3, strong professional planning, marketing, service system, a unified terminal display and print media advertising design, customized business planning guidance.
4, a powerful advertising media delivery support, specialization, serialization, full training and guidance of the terminal stores. 5, strong design and production capability, new products faster, adequate supply to ensure timely delivery.
6, strict market regional order security systems to safeguard the interests of franchisees agents to promote stable development of the brand.
Third, the marketing magic
1, excellent: high-quality corporate image ---- has excellent corporate human resources and brand reputation.
2, strong: strong brand power ---- international design, superior product quality.

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