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Division I recently found on the market have an adverse party with inferior parts, immature counterfeit manufacturing process of our products,leading brand of domestic customers confidence in the EVO. To do this, the majority of customers look EVO brand, beware of imitations. At this point, the Division I solemnly admit: never let bad products from entering the market. If you have questions, please contact our dealers around, but also directly consult our company.
Beijing: Haidian District, Qingyuan East Village Community Building 2 Room B104
Shenzhen: Shenzhen Nanshan Qianhai 19D, Building B, New Delhi home
Guangzhou: Guangzhou Yuexiu District Dashatou three street market
Henan: Henan Okey Sports Equipment Co., Zijin Road, Zhengzhou, Henan Hualin New Times Plaza, No. 56 935
Store: Zhengzhou Longhai Road, Old Bus Station 100 meters south east fashion stores Coldplay
Wuhan: Wuhan riverbank District, Zhongshan Road No. 1324

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